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Refined touch and tone, emphasizing the richly expressive power of a piano.

Piano sound, keyboard touch and pedal feel; the goal is to achieve the true expressive capability of a grand piano, which can
happen only when these three factors are in harmony. The Clavinova CLP Series have essential features for practicing and
playing traditional piano music.

The Clavinova CLP Series next-generation piano sound source recorded from a world-class Yamaha full concert grand piano. A keyboard that allows you to fully express emotions in sound. Clavinova has not only refined all performance-related elements, it has unified them into a piano capable of reproducing the player's true expression. The result is true grand piano-like experience we call "Real Grand Expression". With a beautiful appearance inspired by acoustic piano cabinetry, these are digital pianos that refine everything you want, to the highest level, for enjoyable piano performance.


Yamaha Hybrid NU1 Pianos

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Introducing the NU1, a hybrid piano from Yamaha that combines the traditions of an acoustic instrument with the innovation of digital technology. Featuring the same acoustic piano action used in Yamaha upright pianos, and a refined, compact design, the NU1 is the perfect choice to bring the renowned Yamaha sound to any home.